Feb 8 2014

He Saved My Life… Or at Least My Skin

I work out every week with a personal trainer Cardiff. I rely on him to keep me motivated to actually exercise and to keep my weight in check. I can be a bit lazy, and I refuse to cut fatty foods completely out of my diet, so he really has his work cut out for him. One day while he was helping me stretch before a workout, he noticed a weird patch of skin on the back of my neck.

He asked me if I had seen it, and I hadn’t. I tried looking at it in a mirror but still couldn’t see it, so I called my dermatologist. It turned out to be a small patch of skin cancer that had to be removed. I credit him with saving my life or, at the very least, saving my neck skin. I joke with him regularly that I owe him a huge favor in return.

Jan 30 2014

Clear Head

I was searching online for local spas and all of the services that they have to offer. When I was online, I found some reviews from customers that recently had a thai massage Newcastle done. I was interested in reading on because I had never heard of that type of massage.

There was not one negative review about the services performed, all the ratings where 4 and above. The staff was even raved about for their friendliness and professionalism. I was lucky enough to make an appointment for a massage about 5 miles from my home.

The entire experience was somewhat different but I have not felt this great in a long time. My joints now feel more flexible and I walked out of the building with a very clear head. I definitely give the massage a great rating and I will be visiting the spa again in the very near future.

Jan 5 2014

Cure Internet addiction

Last week I left my home in Atlanta Georgia for a one-year church mission to East Asia. I often rent a place to stay every Saturday. Correspondence with associate’s state side will dictate the working agenda until lunch break. I work 10-20 hours a week in the import export business but I forgot that last Saturday landed on a Chinese holiday. I work with suppliers located in the Chinese mainland but they typically close for the holidays. I had the afternoon free to surf the web. Facebook and many dating sites do not display correctly or at all within China. I seek scantily clad celebrities pics so I love social media. I dare not confess my lust until I can honestly repent. I fear discovery and eventual excommunication from the church. Twitter and a few social media sites are accessible within territories outside the Chinese mainland so I vote with my wallet with patronage of Hong Kong hotels.

Dec 31 2013

A Repetitive List

I go shopping for my mother every Friday and some how it never fails that the same things are on her list week after week. At the top of the list she always has chicken, gingerale and cheerios and towards the bottom it is incontinence products, toliet paper and cat treats for her male cat Ted. Once in awhile she will add a few extra things, but it has become seemingly rare lately. If I ever feel she is not eating appropriatly I will add a couple things on the list myself even though I know it will only irritate her in the long run. Although I see the irritation in her eyes when I do it, I also know that she appreciates the gester and the fact that I care. It is just hard for her to express that in words. She is what I would call “stubborn”.

Dec 28 2013

Home Decor Fail

It was time to liven up my apartment. One day I looked around and noticed that the only living, breathing thing inside my cramped space was me and the occasional bug passing through. I bought some plants, but they didn’t do much. Then the idea of getting an aquarium hit me. I thought fish would be entertaining and good company, so I went to a local pet store to find some new roommates. Let me tell you, it wasn’t so simple. There were choices to be made; not only did I have to decide which fish to buy, but what fake plants to use, what color decorative aggregates to put on the bottom, and whether or not I wanted a treasure chest or castle for the fish to play around. It was a bit overwhelming. In the end, I settled on a little bowl with a goldfish. It died the next day.

Dec 24 2013

Where Has All The Paper Gone

I watched the receptionist at my daughter’s dance studio write out my receipt of payment on the NCR (No Carbon Required) book, rip off and hand me my portion. It seemed old-fashioned and quaint but I remember when these NCR books were the backbone of business. As a secretary I was on the front lines of taking messages, typing memos and distributing meeting notes. Paper was everywhere, usually in triplicate but at the very least in duplicate. Technology that did away with carbon was genius. We were cutting edge and felt very savvy.

Nowadays even my teenagers can type, send and copy a text to a hundred friends in less time than it took me to take down a single message. It kind of takes my breath away to think of how fast we got here and it begs the question: What will make the current technology old-fashioned and quaint?

Nov 28 2013

A business in dire straits?

A friend of mine, Henry, went back to his hometown few years ago to take over a family business – a bed & breakfast. It’s the only establishment of its kind that exists in their town. Though it is the sole bed & breakfast within the 50 mile radius, it only sees guests rarely and sometimes none in a week.

Since Henry already knows a bit of how internet business works, he thought of having a website up not just for their family’s bed & breakfast but as well as some info bits for their town. He also looked for some ways about online marketing. With basic knowledge on HTML, Henry succeeded in setting up the site. However, after a year of having it up, the site only manage to get a few visitors. Henry badly needed to patch up their business which is in dire straits and he knows that he can really do this with the power of the internet. Well, he was not wrong after all. His search led him to SEO Brussels search engine optimisation (SEO) which then changed everything.

Oct 18 2013

My Dream

I have decided to set up my own Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue. I am in no doubt that it will take an awful lot of hard work, dedication and commitment but I am adamant that it will be worth all of my efforts.

I have been a Staffordshire Bull Terrier lover for as long as I can remember and although I love all breeds of dog, the Staffie, as it is commonly known, is by far my favourite. They are very courageous, loyal and loving dogs that despite once being bred for fighting can live in harmony with other dogs given the right upbringing and socialising.

My dream to set up a breed specific rescue has always been there but now that the numbers of abandoned and neglected Staffordshire Bull Terriers is way out of control and help is needed now more than ever before I feel that it is the right time to do something to help with the problem.